Monday, August 30, 2010

Kibble Nibble

So, Billie is going to eat Wild Prairie dog food.. for now, anyway. I gave her a kibble nibble full of it this morning, but she wasn't hungry at all. This afternoon, she's hungry enough to eat if I take it out and put it in her mouth, but isn't very food motivated at all. She also tires VERY Quickly from exercise.. 10 minutes of hard running/ball chasing/tugging and she's POOPED! I expect both issues are related to her extra pounds, and expect to see an increase in stamina and in foodiness in the next week or two.
She also cut her head a little. The only thing I can figure is she did it while playing under the bed with Archie. It's a scratch mark, not a puncture, so I doubt it was from Archie himself. More likely she caught it on a spring or something. No more under-bed playing. She let me examine it and clean it without any fuss, though she clearly was not enjoying it.
She might have been tracking the cars on the highway when we were out playing ball. It's hard to know if she's after them or the chickens, since they're both in sort of the same direction. We did two walk ups to the chickens (about 20 feet away), and she was able (Eventually) to call off and come back to me each time I stopped. I think it will be workable, for sure.

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