Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Camera batteries died!!

I'm watching billie discover that she can make things happen. She's finally hungry enough to eat, and has figured out that if she picks up the food toy, food falls out!! Wahoo! She thinks this is the GREATEST game EVER!
We just finished our first clicker session. Cat food as treats (hey, it was handy). No fear of the clicker at all. Lured her head up 3 times, then got a full Sit. reinforced about 10 of those. Did a few downs, captured a couple of bows (would love to get that on cue as a "wait for the ball to be thrown" behaviour! she can pretend she's a collie!), and started on a hand touch (two finger point, just for something different). She's quick as a.. fox? Learned everything real fast. Not on cue or anything yet, of course, but I bet next time I try to lure her to sit with a toy, she'll know what I mean!!
She met Gypsy and Ben today. She was pretty good with Ben, but snarled at Gypsy after the initial meeting. I don't think she'll be a dog park dog. That's fine, though. When she's focused (toy), she ignores the other dogs, so she isn't obsessing or anything. Makes it a little harder to find a good spot to get photos of her though. I'll think on it!

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