Sunday, August 29, 2010

shes HERE!!!!

OMG OMG OMG She's amazing!
My mom has already told me I might have to keep her!! NOOOooo. She's so good for Archie already, though. Doesn't take any of his crap.
Very confident girl. Here's the update I sent to the rescue org:
She's here! She's here!! One of the transporters seemed quite worried about her dog-dog skills, so I was extra careful introducing her to archie (the only other animal she's met so far tonight. we'll do more in the daylight). She greeted him nicely (she on leash, him off) even though he was a total idiot. He didn't want to let her in, so I crated him, let her in, then let him out. No problems at all. She hasnt even put her feet up on the counter yet!!
I have a crate for her to sleep in tonight, but will wait and see if she needs it. I just don't want them playing all night while I try to sleep.
She has no ID tags, I should have an extra one around with my info on it. I won't feed her tonight, as she was apparently very car sick on the trip. She'll get a nice breakfast in the morning, though.
She drools non stop in the crate in the car. One transporter allowed her to ride loose and said she napped and didn't drool much, so it might be a crate issue. She has a tendency to freeze/refuse to walk when stressed, but doesn't pull too hard on the leash. The idiots are playing UNDER the bed at the moment. So far, her dog skills look REALLY nice. She's playing well, informing ARchie when he's gone too far without even raising a lip, and respecting his random rules (you cant go in THAT corner, that one is MINE)..
Tomororw, she'll meet the rest of the gang and a couple of cats. I won't introduce her to the g.pig or chickens until the next day if she seems overwhelmed by it all. Everyone who has met her LOVES her. Some great pictures will go a long way, the ones you sent don't do her justice. She's a bit chunky, so I'll get the weight off her and teach her a couple cute tricks and a recall :) If she's up for it, can she do some agility/jump training? I'll keep them low until she's knowledgeable, of course.

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