Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Morning trek!

So, I always do this backwards. My usual routine is to exercise and potty the dogs, then do the training. With Billie, this means all she wants to work on are sits, downs and easy hand touches, since she's TIRED! I can't believe how little running it takes for her to want to just collapse and pant for 5 minutes. Poor girlie needs to get into shape!! There are advantages to that, too, of course! LOL
This morning, we went out for a potty, then played some "run around like an idiot" and "chase mice in the bushes" and "chase and chew up little 'sticks.'" Came back in and worked on Sit, Down, touch, and an intro to Zen, which she got right away (5 or 6 clicks). She would really rather just sit there and do nothing and get cookies. Serious difference from Archie!
I really need to work on her fetch/give, so that I can exercise her that way, for her sanity and mine!
She sure sniffs around, I wonder if she can smell the mice (I thought I'd been rid of them all, but heard one last night runnign around)
She's a bit of a destructo-dog. Chews up firm rubber toys in seconds (I'm watching her VERY closely. Kongs only unsupervised!) and opened up the "skin" on the Wubba in just a minute. She doesn't seem to ever bother any of MY stuff though, which is really nice. She sure prefers the rubber toys to everything except cloth (which she won't have. She'd just shred it in seconds). Silly girl.
Here's her training log to date:

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