Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Agility all in a row!!

She's getting it!! Billie was doing so well driving down the line of 3 jumps that I increased the height of the middle jump just a bit. Well.. She didn't think that was possible!
I lured her over it once, and now she's fine with it again. She's getting into better shape :)
We've been doing some two-frisbee drop games. I think she's getting it, and her Give during agility practice was better, so it's sinking in somewhere.
For her clicker work, I tried today before exercising her. She was a totally different dog. Way more interested in moving around, but also way more interested in starting trouble with archie (crated) etc. She's got touch almost 100% of the time now, even moving a couple steps. Her sit is a default, which is nice, and her down is still not great. I find it hard to practice with her, cause once she's in "Down" mode, she won't get up again!
Her Zen is coming along nicely and I've started on eye contact.. Once she gets the idea, I can get 10 or 15 glances in a row, which is pretty good!

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