Saturday, September 4, 2010

She's a walking premier ad.

I have GOT to get a picture of her in her black Premier harness, black Premier Snap collar and black Gentle Leader! It's kind of hilarious. She doesn't panic/freak about the GL, so I'll take her up to the park tomorrow to meet some people (there are occasionally off leash dogs, so I feel better with the face control. That applies to all the dogs, not just her, except our old decrepit Bichon who not only loves other dogs, but is far too small and old to do anything) and maybe get a few candid shots with Shauna if she's got a moment. I know most of the 5star gang are dying to meet her, and it might help her find a home!

I was supposed to have a bandanna that reads Adopt Me, but it seems to be running "behind" in the making. Ah well, I'll just make sure to tell everyone she's a foster, but is still on hold for a few more days. Maybe someone will fall in loooove.

We did some jumps today. First, she tracked a flock of pheasants all the way to the neighbour's place. I was shocked she actually found them.. then had to convince her she couldn't chase and eat them! I bet if I got some feathers or fur toys, this girl would be all over it. As it is, occasionally she's too distracted to play outside, and often far too distracted to eat.

Anyway, back to the jumping. All I wanted to work on was showing her that she COULD and SHOULD take the jumps on the way to the toy. So, jumps set low and close enough together that she can bounce them. I just didn't let her go around the jumps, insisted she go OVER them to get the toy. 4 reps later, she's running full out over the jumps TO the toy! SUCCESS! Did it once more, then called it a "quit on the high note"!

Billie also went and spent 20 minutes out in the back yard tonight. Roomie took his dog camping, so it was empty. I figured she'd sniff and snuff and sniff and snuff.. She wandered for 10 minutes, looked in the window for 5, then decided she was cold and lonely and needed back in! Sigh. Ah well.

After the yard trip, she met Gramma. She wants to jump up, but otherwise has been great meeting people so far. She barked at Kevin when he came to the fence in the dark (I'd put her out for a pee, wasn't expecting him!) but has otherwise shown nothing but waggy wags. And the odd feet-up. Workable though. She was able to sit nicely for me. Gramma couldn't reach to pet her if she was sitting, but I expect she would have stayed for her as well.

The cat was in the room at the time of all this, so she was on leash (the cat is occasionally suicidal..) and didn't notice her. The cat is quite a ways up, so I didn't expect Billie to notice. But, unlike the chickens, she doesn't go into manic "OMG ITS NEARBY I CAN SMELL IT" mode in the house. That's handy :)

This dog LOVES to chew. Mostly she chews bones, but I'd love to get her some nice heavy duty chew toys that can go with her when she goes. Nylabones and the like.. I wonder if it's in BB's budget? ;)

That is all for now. I'll try to get more pics and maybe some video tomorrow. I still have video of the lake to edit, too. It's been a busy weekend!

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