Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thunder and Lightening and rain, oh my!

I spent a few hours up at the agility trial and came home, immediately let Billie out for a pee, and opened the door (I let her out, then follow her out) to find a quivering mass of pibble begging to come back in. Alright, back in her crate, and Archie goes out. I notice a light flash and am looking around to see if a light flickered. I realize it was LIGHTENING!! Sure enough, crash goes the thunder and Archie's running and barking like a mad thing trying to chase it off. Alright. No one gets to go pee, then.
Billie's tucked into her crate, whining and worrying. Not sure if she's feeding off Archie or was already worried. Archie is on high alert to chase off the noisy "intruder," and is barking and leaping after the loudest bangs. It seems to have blown over now (touch wood) so maybe they can go pee in half an hour.
I've never had a thunder-phobic dog, though we have had a few that certainly didn't like the storms. Archie's never been out in one when it crashed like that, so I hope he's alright. I think Billie was as much hating the rain as she was the storm, and is reacting mostly to Archie, so I'm not too worried about her. I hate the storms too!!

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