Sunday, September 26, 2010

Billie gets some REAL pictures!


Billie and I went to the park for her photo op today. She was great, and had lots of 'firsts'. We found a fenced tennis court at the park (technically no dogs.. shhh) so I let her run off leash in there for a few minutes before the photos. She came back to me every time I called, however, concrete tennis courts are awfully boring from a prey
perspective, so I don't think it would carry over too well to open green space. I wish I had access to fenced in natural areas other than the offleash dog parks where she could run regularly. Oh well, she does pretty well on the long line.

We didn't know that saturday morning at this park, there is a children's soccer league that meets there to play! After the photos, we rounded up some well-behaved children to greet her and she was fantastic. A lady then approached with an infant and asked to pet Billie. I explained she was friendly, but hadn't met a child that age that I knew of. The lady was very respectful and allowed Billie to approach her and her child. Billie then laid down to greet the baby! It was such a picture perfect pittie-meets-baby moment, and she was so gentle! She was such a star.

She still gets quite car sick. The nice thing is that as soon as I get her out, she shakes it off and is her usual self within a few seconds.

I think that about covers our morning adventure. She's such a good girl, everyone loves her! :)

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